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Grand Circus is a Detroit startup offering classes and coding bootcamps for professionals pursuing careers in technology. The company also operates 1 of 9 “Google for Entrepreneurs” tech hubs. These hubs provide entrepreneurs access to open co-working spaces, mentors, and resources.

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The Challenge

Students and employees found it difficult to leave Grand Circus just to grab a snack and needed more variety, healthier options and energy drinks to help keep them fueled. Weekly store runs became more and more time consuming & costly. It was time to explore other options for a permanent snacking solution!

  • Finding low-cost snacking options
  • Time-consuming trips to the stores
  • Satisfying snacking demands

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The Solution

Upon signing up for Verii, Grand Circus browsed through the online catalog and custom ordered items they wanted. These included healthy snacks, flavored waters, and energy drinks the students had been asking for. Students and employees then downloaded the Verii app and could purchase snacks & drinks at their convenience.

  • Large, healthy product variety
  • Easy, quick & convenient
  • Orders delivered & merchandised

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The Success

Thanks to Verii, Grand Circus now spends less than 10 minutes per week ordering snacks and managing their market!

After only five months of snacking, Verii and its product selection were such a great fit in their office that they upgraded from a small-sized market to the large-sized market holding even more snack & drink variety for everyone.

Their students are happy, fueled, and onsite ready to learn. They have over 200 Verii Users and not one empty belly!

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Overall, Verii has helped our students, co-workers, and staff be more productive. They love that they can touch the food, interact with the product packaging, and read the nutrition facts. We really love how easy it is to use, and even though there are a lot of options downtown, you just can’t beat Verii because it’s so quick and convenient!

Anna Farr, Program Manager & Operations Coordinator


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