November 2017

Big Announcement!

We're excited to announce a new partnership between Verii and Social Feedia!
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September 2017

September Customer of the Month

Our September Customer of the Month is located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Connelly Partners was founded as an anti-advertising agency built around hiring good people first.
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The Fruits of Our Labor

Is Labor Day just another day off for Americans? Well, yes and no. It turns out this yearly mark on our calendar celebrated the first Monday in September isn’t just an excuse for a paid holiday or family BBQ’s.
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Pancakes, and Bacon, and Eggs OH MY!

September is National Breakfast Month and we are going to inspire you to include this super important meal in your day by sharing our favorite breakfast idea!
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August 2017

August Customer of the Month

Back in 1999 Vince Thomas found it difficult to keep track of who owed what when it came to household bills. He wanted a better way to pay and manage expenses among roommates. His solution?
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National Dog Day

Dogs deserve their day in the spotlight too, right? National Dog Day is an annual celebration of all dogs and the mission is to encourage the public to recognize the thousands of dogs that are worthy of being rescued each year, and honor the loyalty of family and working dogs around the globe.
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July 2017

July Customer of the Month

Verii's July Customer of the Month are a group of happy employees that live to make their clients happy as well! They dedicate themselves to being a quality leader for the organizations they serve and individuals that work for them.
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June 2017

June Customer of the Month

June’s Verii customer of the month are a group of passionate software and app developers who drive the best practice processes to move projects forward using the latest tools for more effective results. They can help your business succeed with just a single person or a whole team.
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Workplace Wellness

Well-being isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.
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May 2017

Customer of the Month: Conifer Insurance

May’s Verii customer of the month is (drum roll please)….
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